The archive

The Archipol project provides access to the archived versions of the web sites of Dutch political parties. Further information about the construction of the archive can be found elsewhere on this site.
By clicking on the archive links below, you accept the Conditions of Consultation for the archive.

On this page you can choose the party whose archive you wish to consult. A list has been compiled for each party showing the information available as a download. For some of the parties, archived versions are also made available as "sub-sites", i.e. other sites maintained by the party or associated organisations.

In order to make retrieval easier, the number of bytes/files and the archiving date is given for each site. The number of new, altered or deleted pages (files) in relation to previous downloads may also be shown.

The archived versions of the web sites can also be accessed for each party via the catalogues of University Library and the Documentation Centre for Dutch Political Parties.

To access the archive you need a password. 

You can request one ateen wachtwoord aanvragen.

After that, you can access the archive:   Het Archipol Archief 



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