Archive of web sites of political parties in the Netherlands

In the year 2000, the Documentation Centre for Dutch Political Parties (Documentatiecentrum Nederlandse politieke partijen; DNPP) and the Groningen University Library launched a joint project under the name of ARCHIPOL. The aim of the project is to archive the web sites of political parties in the Netherlands. The project is funded by the SURF Foundation, within the context of Innovation in Scientific Information Provision (Innovatie Wetenschappelijke Informatievoorziening; IWI) and the University of Groningen.

The DNPP sees the archiving of political web sites as a logical extension of its original purpose, namely to archive printed publications by and about political parties. The digital archive is a valuable resource for journalists and researchers from many disciplines such as history and political science.

This web site

This site contains information on the following:

  • Project information
  • : status; progress, software used, project team members
  • Publications
  • about the project, web archiving in general and the web sites of political parties in the Netherlands in particular.
  • The archive
  • : structure and search facilities
  • Links
  • to institutions outside the Netherlands involved in web archiving


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